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Automotive Aftermarket
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Automotive Aftermarket Fund (AAF) is a self-insured group workers’ compensation fund operating under authorization and regulation by the Alabama Department of Labor. It is provided be Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast, Inc. (AAAS) as a service for its members. AAF is governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of members from various regions of the state

AAF was established in 1992 and currently services some 275 member companies. The purpose of AAF is to provide the automotive industry with a stable, cost-effective source of workers’ compensation coverage in Alabama. AAF is an unincorporated trust and has the ability to return all unused dollars and investment income back to the eligible participants in the form of a dividend. AAF has an excellent record of returning substantial yearly dividends to its members.  A Board of Trustees, comprised of AAAS members who participate in AAF, governs AAF.

AAAS has been instrumental in improving the business climate for parts suppliers, body shops, garages, machine shops, manufacturers etc. in the state. AAAS offers an array of programs and services that benefit businesses in the automotive aftermarket industry. The AAAS board of directors feels that membership in the association and participation in any or all of the programs would offer you an opportunity to operate your business more efficiently.

Please take a look at the additional AAF forms on this site. We look forward to helping you with your workers’ compensation insurance needs!


AAF  800.239.7779 • f 334.293.1950

Fund Administrator

Randal Ward 

Fund Director -  Billing & Audits

Robbie Allen, CPA 


Abbie Lamborne, CPA


York Risk Services Group  800.277.7500 • 205.583.9593 • f 614.717.6191

Marketing & Underwriting

Cheryl Trawick, CPCU  

Claims Adjuster

Andi Romano  

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